Steps to Transfer Your IRAs to CNB

One common way to fund a self-directed IRA is to transfer cash from a current IRA held elsewhere.  You can transfer from any other type of IRA to a CNB self-directed IRA and use those funds to invest in a wider variety of assets.

Are you ready to move your existing IRAs to CNB? It’s easy, just follow these simple steps:

  1. If you do not already have an IRA with CNB, complete the CNB IRA Application.
    • The set-up fee and current year base fee will due upon account establishment.  Please send a check payable to CNB or transfer in additional cash to cover these fees. If no fee payment is received, fees will be deducted from the incoming transfer.
    • If you already have an IRA established at CNB you can skip this step.
  2. Complete the CNB Transfer Request Form.
  3. Attach a statement from the previous IRA custodian.
  4. Are you transferring cash to purchase an investment?
    • Complete the CNB Investment Authorization Form.
    • Attach any necessary investment company subscription agreements, applications, etc.
    • If you are transferring investments only and not making a new purchase you may skip this step.
  5. Send all completed forms and the check for fees to CNB:

By Mail:
Community National Bank
225 Main St – PO Box 225
Seneca, KS 66538

By Email:

By Fax:

By Secure Upload:
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