Services for Financial Advisors

You work hard to build your client relationships. At Community National Bank, we give you quick and easy access to the information you need to maintain those relationships. We would appreciate the opportunity to provide your clients with the same level of service they have come to expect from you. Please take a few minutes to browse our website or give us a call for more information. We look forward to hearing from you!

Community National Bank values the financial advisors that utilize our custody service. We strive to be one of the friendliest, easiest to use, and most accessible custodians in the business. To make this possible, we provide specialized services to financial representatives. A few examples of these services include:


  • 24 hour online access to client accounts is available through our website.
  • Copies of client statements and tax forms are available online.
  • Our website is a great resource for both CNB and IRA information.
  • Simple, easy to understand forms are available on LaserApp and our website.
  • Financial advisors have the ability to quickly run online reports including:

Contribution and Savings Balance Report

  • Quickly access current and previous year contribution information for all clients
  • Includes statement frequency, savings balances, fees due, and contribution amounts

Investment Holdings Report

  • Our most popular report!
  • Quickly generate a list of clients’ investment positions and number of shares owned
  • This report can show just one particular investment or all investments

Distribution & RMD Report

  • Perfect for determining which clients need to take action to meet an RMD!
  • Shows all clients' savings balances, year-end market values, RMD amounts, year to date distributions, and remaining RMDs
  • Lists upcoming distribution dates, frequency, amounts, and withholding percentage for clients with periodic distributions scheduled

Statement of Portfolio Holdings

  • Easy way to obtain a one-time statement between regular cycles
  • Provides a statement that shows the cash, investments, and number of shares held within the account


  • No automated routing of phone calls here! Expect a friendly, personal greeting each time you call during business hours. Our customer service personnel are ready to give you the assistance you deserve and strive to keep any hold times to a minimum.
  • Quickest processing times in the industry. Paperwork received in good order is generally in and out of our office the same or next business day.
  • Timely follow up on all transactions to ensure any issues are addressed as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary delays.
  • Courtesy calls are made to financial advisors when a transfer in or rollover in of cash or investments is completed.
  • A proactive stance is taken when corporate actions occur. We work to ensure that financial advisors will know the details of the transaction and the process for holding or transacting on the shares that are held at CNB. When a non-traded company announces a merger, acquisition, or listing on a national exchange, CNB’s corporate action team launches into a process that often looks like this:
  1. Prior to the event CNB communicates with the company and reconciles share positions.
  2. CNB researches company filings to determine expected outcomes.
  3. Communication is sent from CNB to financial advisors outlining published details of the transaction and the process for holding, buying, selling, or transferring publicly traded stock.
  4. CNB notifies financial advisors when the transaction is complete and the cash and/or new shares are available.
"We have worked with Community National Bank for nearly 10 years and have found them to be very knowledgeable in the alternative, illiquid investment arena. Their customer service is second to none; always a friendly voice on the other end and willing to help in any way they can. We have been completely satisfied with their accuracy of reporting and fee structure. We would highly recommend Community National Bank as a custodian."-Investment Advisor Representative, Minneapolis, MN
"When calling Community National Bank, it is great to be able to speak to someone right away. Their philosophy on customer service is exceptional."-G. Hjorth, Newport Coast Securities
"The turnaround time at Community National Bank is fantastic. We can expect when they receive a large stack of paperwork from us in the afternoon that it will be processed correctly and out the door the next day. As far as getting our clients' money invested in a timely matter, Community National Bank is the IRA Custodian to turn to."-W. Parker, Titan Securities
"Community National Bank always has a live person answering the phone which makes it easier for me to get my questions answered quickly without long hold-times."-G. Pierce, Garry Pierce Financial Services